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Never Again Make a New Years Resolution!


  Most people’s resolutions for 2014 will be to lose weight, save money, work less and have better relationships. The exact same as they were last year.  The reason?  No one follows through with their resolutions.  In fact in 2012, only 8 percent of people were successful in keeping their resolutions. The solution? People need […]

Taking your To-Do List to Task!


By Brandi Kajino Have you ever made a list 500 miles long, with the best of intentions to get it all done? How’s that going? If you’re bound and determined to fine a great task too, you’re in luck, as there are a variety of options available. Whether it is on your phone or online, […]

12 Things to Simplify Your Workday

desk work

One of the best things I did when I decided to simplify my life was to simplify my workday.  I eliminated the non-essentials, and can now focus on what I truly love: creating. Not everyone can make such drastic steps toward simplicity, but you can do a few small things that will greatly simplify things […]