All 10 Rules

top 10 organizing rules

Organizing Rules

  1. Everything has a specific home
  2. Put things back- everytime
  3. Set limits— if something comes in, something goes out
  4. Contain items in bins, baskets, containers, etc.
  5. Small steps equal large gains- just start
  6. Keep at least one small spot organized at all times
  7. Do it NOW
  8. Follow through completely, don’t leave an organizing project partially done
  9. Reward yourself
  10. Make adjustments to your space/project— nothing will stay organized forever

Rule #10

organizing rule- make adjustments as needed

Rule #10 Make Adjustments

Organizing isn’t a “once and done” situation. Your system and space will need adjustments and upkeep.

Rule #9

organizing rule- reward yourself when done organizing

Rule #9: Reward Yourself

After organizing, reward yourself so that it is a positive experience. You will be more likely to do it again.

Rule #7

organizing rule- do it now not later

Rule #7: Do It Now

Have you noticed that someday never seems to come? Dont wait, just do it now and get it done.

Rule #6

organiziing rule - keep one small spot organized

Rule #6: One Small Spot

Keeping one small spot organized at all times, will give you practice and encouragement to keep other spots organized.

Rule #5

organizing rule- start small

Rule #5: Small Steps = Large Gains

Starting small adds up to an entire project You don’t need to tackle it all at once.

Rule #4

organizing rule - containers are a great way to organize

Rule #4: Contain

Contain as much as you can in Bins, baskets, organizers, drawers, etc. Junk in a drawer is more organized than junk on the floor.

Rule #3

organizing rule- set limits when organizing your stuff

Rule #3: Set Limits

If something conies into your space, something must come out. If all you do is bring stuff in… you become a candidate for “Hoarders”.

Rule #2

organiziing rule- put things back after you use them

Rule #2: Put things back

Make it a habit to put things back immediately after you use them.