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top 10 organizing rules

Organizing Rules Everything has a specific home Put things back- everytime Set limits— if something comes in, something goes out Contain items in bins, baskets, containers, etc. Small steps equal large gains- just start Keep at least one small spot organized at all times Do it NOW Follow through completely, don’t leave an organizing project partially done […]

Rule #10

organizing rule- make adjustments as needed

Rule #10 Make Adjustments Organizing isn’t a “once and done” situation. Your system and space will need adjustments and upkeep.

Rule #9

organizing rule- reward yourself when done organizing

Rule #9: Reward Yourself After organizing, reward yourself so that it is a positive experience. You will be more likely to do it again.

Rule #7

organizing rule- do it now not later

Rule #7: Do It Now Have you noticed that someday never seems to come? Dont wait, just do it now and get it done.

Rule #6

organiziing rule - keep one small spot organized

Rule #6: One Small Spot Keeping one small spot organized at all times, will give you practice and encouragement to keep other spots organized.