Treat Yourself to Some Sanity

Increase Your Productivity

feb 10.14

We mistakenly often think that if we just “power through” a task, taking no breaks, we will get the task done faster.  But the opposite is really true.  To better increase your productivity it is a good idea to take a break.  Fresh air is a good idea, and if you can take even 15 […]

Updating the Closet


Question: We are living in a small house and want to move baby into her own room. Because we lack storage closets, half of the closet in the baby’s room is used for dad’s clothes. While we have the baby’s toys in another area of the house, the room needs to hold all of the […]

Paper- Keep it or Toss it?

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Can’t decide if you should to keep or toss/shred that paperwork?  Ask yourself these questions: Is it still timely and accurate? Do I need to take any action on it? Is it a duplicate? Do I have a specific purpose for it? Would it be difficult to obtain again if I needed it? Are there tax, […]

Lunch Planning Kit (closed)

kitchen giveaway

For most of you it is back to school time and making lunches will be a top priority for work and school.  We want to help make that process easier with our lunch planning give-away!  And because we will be giving you food containers, we have included our video on just how to organize your […]

Make a Note

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We often handle our paperwork more than we should because we don’t know what to do with it, or have forgotten why we kept it in the first place.  Ideally, you should take action immediately, but if that is not possible- make a note on the paper or file folder with a sticky note.  There are […]