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9 Ways to Spruce Up Your Bathroom

Goodwill Finds (open for entries)

Goodwill finds

We love creating organizing videos and in our videos we often have some great products that we feature.  Rather than keep them all to ourselves we want to give them away!  In this, our first giveaway, we want to give one lucky winner the contents of our Goodwill Finds video! How to Enter: At the […]

Other People’s Disorganization


Question: There’s a fellow manager at work who’s a train wreck and they don’t realize it. How do I help someone who’s clearly not organized but who thinks they’re doing fine? Answer: In general, trying to change another person’s behavior tends to: Frustrate you Annoy them Have little or no effect on      the bothersome […]

No More Slip-n-Slide

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Are the items in your drawers always sliding to the back making it near to impossible to find anything you need?  Consider placing a drawer liner inside- the ones that ‘grip’ are best.  Today they make a wide variety of choices:  plastic, cork, suede and other fabrics.  The regular contact shelf paper is fantastic for […]

Fresh Start

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Did you make a New Year’s resolution to get more organized?  Are you frustrated because you weren’t able to stick to that resolution?  It is never too late to make a fresh start!  Don’t condemn yourself, simply decide you want to start now and make your best effort moving forward.  If your organizing systems are […]