Check it Twice- Your Holiday Checklist

dog in santa hat

By Susan Wade

‘Tis the season to test your time management skills and to-do lists.  Try to at least get the top 3 holiday tasks done as early as you can: shopping, holiday card/newsletter and wrapping.  The following checklist will help you remember some of the little tasks that may fall through the cracks during this busy time of year.


•Make holiday reservations, be sure to remember the pets

•While present shopping, remember the boxes, tissue paper, wrapping paper, parcel paper, tape and

lots of batteries

•Reserve tickets for special holiday events

•If traveling by car, plan for oil change and car check

•Make hair cut appointments

•If traveling, get enough prescription medications to last through January 2nd

•Make childcare arrangements for December 31st

•Plan menu and shopping list for big holiday meals (remember champagne for the New Year).

•Order turkey or ham, if needed

•Polish silver

•Iron tablecloths and napkins

•Mark your calendar with any special events for school, church or community

•Save a night on your calendar for viewing lights with cocoa and friends

•Mark your calendar with a date to visit Santa



•Avoid Sunday since it is the busiest day

•Shopping Monday – Thursday in the daytime is best as evenings are often busiest

•If you travel a lot, use the flying time to shop mail-order catalogs or via the planes Wi-Fi

•Internet shopping at lunchtime can be a real time saver

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